The Closed Joint Venture “United Mine-building Company “Souzspecstroy” founded January 22,2004, is an industrial group uniting mine-building companies of Kuzbass, East Donbass and other enterprises of the Russian Federation eastern part, whose history begins in 20-years of the last century.



Souvenir products for “Souzspecstroy” company were worked up and made by our specialists taking into consideration the corporate style, the customer’s requirements and the company’s specificity. During several years of our cooperation the list of souvenir products multiplied, and here we will name only the most original ones. - A daily with unusual texture imitating jeans fabric, with gilded edge and stamped logo on the cover - Pens with company’s logo in corporate colors. Their form is ergonomic and your hand will not be tired. This stylish and convenient pen is an excellent business souvenir.


While working up this site we took into consideration the big scale of the company and the activity profile. On one of the main pages telling of the companiy’s activity we used vertical scrolling with the effect of going down into the mine.

Client feedback

Yulia Volkova


I noticed that B2B-companies prefer the stable style in design and communications. I think that one shouldn’t be afraid to risk. Here is an example. AVANTdesigners offered a very unusual design for calendar – polyhedron. Our stuff and partners were delighted! On one side – it is convenient when you have calendar before your eyes, on the other side – you can sometimes to distract yourself and to play with Rubik’s cube - this is a good rest from the working routine unloading your brain. We decided to follow this unusual approach for all presentation materials – catalogues, visit-cards, other polygraphy. The result has not made waiting. The corporate souvenir and polygraphic products attracted the clients favor and increased loyalty to this brand.


Aleksandr Makharinsky

Key Clients Manager

Pavel Shulyatikov

Digital Art Director

Марина Карнова


Anastasia Kumani

Creative Director

Pavel Makharinsky

General Director