“AlfaStrakhovanie-OMS” LLC is one of the leaders in Compulsory Health Insurance. This company is on a strong track in Russia, opening new branches and regional subdivisions.

Advertising campaign

Creative brief

“AlfaStrakhovanie” Group is operating in Compulsory Health Insurance in many regions of the country. It was necessary to work out the advertising campaign for promotion of these services. The main task for Avant Agency was to increase the clientele base and customer loyalty.

The advertising campaign concept

A policy of Compulsory Health Insurance from “AlfaStrakhovanie” is Your trusty protector! The base for the advertising campaign concept are family values and care of the nearest people.

Insight: Everyone has nearest and dearest to take care of.

Headline:"Protect the most valuable!”

The concept is based on the idea of full health protection and fast solution of people's problems.

Within this advertising campaign Avant Agency had made design for outdoor advertising and for periodicals for each regional sub-division.

The advertising campaign development

Besides printed advertising the audio commercials were produced for the radio. Two scripts were created within the the concept “Protect the most valuable!”. The main task of these commercials was to increase loyalty for the company and to raise the number of participants in the program of Compulsory Health Insurance. Thus we wanted to make people think about real human values, about persons who are really most precious for us.

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Maria Podmarkova

Project Manager

Julia Lvovskaya

Graphic Designer

Anastasia Kumani

Creative Director

Pavel Maharinskiy

Project Coordinator