“Binooptika” is the capitals network of optics shops where you can choose a frame, to consult a specialist and be checked up by ophthalmologist. Due to nonstandard approach “Binooptika” aims to attract people with style, caring about their health and comfort.



During the years of its existence “Binooptika” network has opened nine shops comfortably situated on the cities map, but eventually it become necessary to renovate the company’s image. It was decided that rebranding was necessary for attraction of new clients to the shops, and for giving the company a new start for further development. Our specialists had as a task to study the competitive market in Moscow, to analyze the companies resources, to correct the positioning and to work out all brand attributes.


According to the results of the market study it was decided that the medium price segment is the most perspective. This segment includes frames for sight correction for everyday use and different lines of famous world brands of eyeware as well. On this basis we worked out a conception for the networks positioning, and thought over further steps in rebranding and development.


Contrast violet and orange tints, millimeter scale, eye chart and a ruler were chosen as the main elements of the corporate style. Thus the idea of antipodes is build on the contrasts, one can see this both in graphic and in combination of schematic elements as well.


Advertising helps to attract the new or to hold on the existing target group. Advertising also helps to boost recognition of Binooptika brand.

Mobile version of the site

Especially for users of mobile gadgets we made the light version of the site for faster loading and searching of the necessary information.

Web-banners and patterns

Banners and patterns helping to promote the company’s products and actions and to attract clients by exquisite design are constantly worked out.


Maria Podmarkova

Account Manager

Aleksandr Makharinsky

Key Clients Manager

Pavel Shulyatikov

Digital Art Director

Julia Lvovskaya


Tatiana Donskih


Marina Karnova


Anastasia Kumani

Creative Director

Pavel Makharinsky

General Director