“Cleanteco” – is water-free or dry car wash which works without water. The company offers to wash your car locally: at the parking or at the place named by a customer.


The agency had a task to find a memorable name which can be positively perceived by customers from 25 to 45, to work out the company’s visual image and to promote a new brand to the market of car-washing facilities.


While trying to find a name we took in consideration the study of the target group, market analysis and the field of the company’s activity. The client was offered over twenty original names and chose the one – “Cleanteco”, combining “clean” and “technologic”.


The branding process had several stages: 1st stage. Work out of the company’s logo – one concept was chosen out of five, it is made as a symbol of retro cars. 2nd stage. Corporate documents and polygraphic goods – we worked out and printed visit cards (personal and corporate), forms, leaflets, booklets and posters. 3rd stage. The employees corporate clothes and branding of mobile stand – these elements are in corporate colors with logo. 4th stage. The company site – design is in corporate style, and though dark colors are prevailing the site itself looks light and very convenient.


Maria Podmarkova

Client manager

Pavel Shulyatikov

Digital art-director

Aleksandr Makharisky

Project manager

Anastasia Kumani

Creative director