A new form of coffee shops with express service came to Russia. One of these coffee networks asked us to make rebranding. The brand was created in 2012 under the name “Coffee Room”.



The agency had to work out a new name for this coffee network, brand concept, positioning and brand attributes.


On the first stage of this work it was necessary to study target group and analyze competitive market. In accordance with the study results the parameters for the brand positioning on the market were determined. The target group and its motives were also defined. “Coffergy” brand is oriented on the people, valuing their time, that’s why business centers and airports were chosen as the main places for the trade. The main advantages of the brand are fast service and acceptable prices. Just these values are in the base of the brand concept – coffee + energy.


The customer chose the name “Coffergy”, i.e. “coffee + energy”, out of many versions. The naming of “Coffergy” project helps to create a bright image which is played on logo design: a cup of fragrant coffee is organically combined with energy element.


Red was chosen as the main color for this brand, as it draws attention, stays in one’s memory and successfully reflects the sphere of the company activity. While working with each element our designers took into consideration the main rules helping for brands promotion: laconic details, matching of the corporate style elements, composition simplicity, products design which is understandable and memorable for consumers.

Corporate style

The agency has worked out corporate documents for the coffee network (forms, visit cards etc.) advertising polygraphy, employees corporate clothes with elements of corporate style, packaging, menu, advertising stands and sign-boards.


Julia Lvovskaya

Graphic designer

Anastasia Kumani

Creative Director

Pavel Makharinsky

General Director