The experienced company presents the products of the leading world producers manufacturing electronics for the technical sector. DARSCOM successfully cooperates with the majority of domestic and foreign producers of electronic products. The company aspires to present the best decisions in technical electronics for their clients.



Our Agency was tasked to make a rebranding which will attract attention of the target group, improve the company’s business image and mark them out against the background of competitors. We were supposed to present a strong creative decision for the technical audience – simple and clear.


As a result of analyses of the main players in the electronics market the company’s main competitive advantages have been made a basis for communication:

  • Optimality. The best decisions from the optional versions, taking into account the existing restrictions. 
  • Reliability. The company acts as a guarantor of the result. 
  • Development. Improvement of the results of the customers activity by expansion of production capacity, cost cutting, implementation of technological innovations and creation of new products with unique features.

Corporate style

The basis of color decision is a combination of white, yellow-orange, grey and black. The palette emphasizes the daring character of the brand, goal-orientation and strong business practices in communication among the market players.  

Visual association is intensified by the special form of logo, created by the motives of drawings on electronic cards. The sign is well readable due to light open font type face.

Slogan «The new dimension of reliability» emphasizes the company’s competence and innovation of decisions.


Maria Podmarkova

Account Manager

Julia Lvovskaya

Graphic Designer

Anastasia Kumani

Creative Director

Elena Sokolova


Ivan Golovin

Content Manager