Fitness Division

One of the most experienced companies supplying high-quality fitness-equipment for sports objects in Russia and CIS. Leadership qualities, ambitious plans and love for their work – all this distinguishes the company from competitors.

Fitness Division


The agency had as a task to initiate a rebranding campaign which will mark the company out among the competitors, and, as a consequence, will increase its market share due to the new positioning. While building communication we have set two main goals: - To change perception of the brand; - To develop a brandbook with detailed description of the new brand’s platform and basic elements of the corporate style.


The main suppliers of equipment for Russian sport- and fitness market are big international companies with effective marketing, strict communication style and clearly built up sale system. After analysis of the competitors activity it become clear that the basis of communication must be bright, charismatic and dynamic character of Fitness Division with their constant willingness to develop, move forward by providing the best products and the best service for clients. The slogan “Always ahead” has brightly expressed the new brand essence and emphasized its dynamic. The multicolored patches become the symbols for constant movement and development.


Leader qualities, ambitious plans and love for your work make it possible to realize the most successful projects for health and physical development for people in our country.

Corporate style

Conception is built on the combination of color elements of red and blue – the Russian flag colors. Red color expresses vitality, activity, inclination to get results and achieve success. It is associated with leadership, while blue color means safety and logic. The main font is Pragmatica Light – laconic font with mathematical accuracy of design.

Promo- site

In order to support Fitness Division participation in MIOFF 2013, the most large-scale fitness and wellness industry project in Russia, we have developed a special promo-site announcing the whole business program. Convenience and originality of promo-announcement helped the company’s stuff to arouse interest of clients and business partners, to draw attention in social networks, to assemble audience for master-classes at this exhibition, and also to receive information about potential buyers of training equipment.


Souvenirs Corporate souvenirs enable to draw new clients and boost the brand loyalty. Lotteries and New Year presents help to win customers confidence. One can use key-chains, pens. While making such souvenirs one should follow the rules for arrangement of corporate elements prescribed in the brandbook.


Yuliya Lvovskaya

Graphic designer

Aleksandr Samarkin

Leading developer

Pavel Shulyatikov

Digital art-director

Anastasia Kumani

Creative director

Aleksandr Samarkin

Leading developer

Maria Podmarkova

Client manager

Pavel Makharisky

Project manager