Global Post World

A group of GlobalPostWorld companies is functioning on the logistics market from 1992. They develop actively the market of post service and organize and carry out different types of transportations.

Global Post World
Global Post World
Global Post World


The main business-task for the company was to increase its share on the delivery market and to secure stable growth for business. It was important to change the perception of the brand, to find out the preferences and reflect them in the new corporate style. The agency had to work out an attractive brand image, which will translate bright emotions and mark out the company among the competitors.


Post service is one of the oldest in the world, and everybody had to use it at least once. It was necessary for Global Post World company to emphasize their service traditions and quality, that’s why the base for their corporate style are retro-pictures of postal transportations.

Two segments of clients

It was decided to work out two color solutions for the corporate style. Corporate materials in blue were intended for all clients, and corporate products in beige – for premium-clients.


Marina Karnova


Pavel Shulyatikov

Digital Art Director

Anastasia Kumani

Creative Director

Pavel Makharinsky

General Director