“” is an Internet shop, selling beauty treatment products , with up to date function and meeting female audience criterion. The choice of goods presented on their site is so significant that can satisfy customers most exacting taste.



Our specialist team has a task to study competitors market and analyze segment of customers and their beauty and health requirements. In accordance with results of this study we have to develop Internet-project for “” beauty treatment shop.


The project’s main target group are ladies from 18 to 50 and cosmetology specialists as well. The competitive market analysis helped to mark out the main advantages of the site: it is easy to use and to purchase goods, and its beautiful design attracts female audience.

Process and result

On the first stage we worked out “” logo to make the company’s image individual. It became the deciding element for the projects future stylistics. The site colors are violet and lilac in accordance with the Internet-shops theme. The common color decision don’t give a feeling of “motley design”. We tried to take into account all technical features of the big Internet-shop with wide assortment. The convenient system of catalogues and filters allows to get the search result by minimum of clicks thus making the purchase process very comfortable.

Client feedback

Cyrill Moschenkov

We liked AVANTs solution first of all for strictly hitting our target group. It was important to mark out the megamarket’s originality. As a result of discussions Krasotia has got deep violet color which inspires the customers for purchase of our goods. Violet-lilac drops make site pages look festive and luxurious. More info


Pavel Shulyatikov

Digital art-director

Maria Podmarkova

Client manager

Eugene Burchin


Julia Lvovskaya

Graphic designer

Anastasia Kumani

Creative director