Kupi slova

The company “Kupi slova” is an intensively developing Internet-agency specializing in context communications and SEO. The strong side of the company is integration of enormous marketing experience and knowledge of IT technologies.

Kupi slova
Kupi slova


The main strategic task of “Kupi slova” company is to increase its market share and the client base. To solve these tasks the agency offered to develop a communication language which will deliver the companies ideas to customers clear and understandable. Besides that the agency has offered a new idea concerning the company’s advantages which helped in building up the system of brands values.

Project idea

What are words? The base of the company’s rebranding conception is the idea “What are words for a consumer?” The agency team offered to make a system of elements explaining why a target group need words. Thanks to that we managed to reflect the company’s main advantages.

New Year gifts

Branded coffee cups and packaging gift paper "Kupi Slova" were created specially for the New Year.


Julia Lvovskaya

Graphic designer

Maria Podmarkova

Account Manager

Aleksandr Makharinsky

Key Clients Manager

Pavel Shulyatikov

Digital Art Director

Anastasia Kumani

Creative Director

Pavel Makharinsky

General Director