Mental Skills

“Mental Skills” is an international project for eLearning. Psychological trainings, business trainings and business cases are oriented both for private persons and for corporate training.

Mental Skills
Mental Skills
Mental Skills


In order to strengthen positions of “Mental Skills” project in consumer market segment it was decided to make a rebranding. Rebranding included the following stages in order to achieve the maximum result:

  • Analysis of target  group
  • Analysis of competitors
  • Working up of logo
  • Branding of the corporate documents (forms, visit-cards, presentations, certificates)
  • Redesign of the site

Logo and corporate style

Our team has worked out five absolutely different logo concepts on the basis of the results of studying the target group and competitors. The customer chose logo concept “Iceberg of knowledge” which become the initial point in developing  of the corporate style and the site design.  

The following elements were worked out in the frames of corporate style: personal visit cards, a letter form, a template for the corporate presentation, certificate’s form. All forms are in one style with the approved logo.

Working out of the site

It was decided to make minimalistic design while maximally using thin lines and light tints of light blue and grey. The main style-forming elements of the site are logo and corporate pattern in footer.


Maria Podmarkova

Client manager

Pavel Shulyatikov

Digital art-director

Eugene Burchin