Territoriya “Neftegaz”

The Publishing House “Territoriya Neftegaz” edit scientific-publicistic periodicals for professionals in oil-gas and petrochemical industry and take the leading positions in this sphere thanks to accuracy, trustworthiness and actuality of information. The readers are given the maximum choice of high quality articles, reviews, theoretical and practical materials.


The AVANT team had as a task to make a unique website for 2 B2B magazines: “Territoriya “Neftegaz” (“Neftegaz” territory) and “Corroziya “Territoriyi Neftegaz” (“Corrosion of “Neftegaz” Territory). “Territoriya “Neftegaz” periodical is a leading edition informing about equipment and technologies in oil-gas and petrochemical complex. The periodical tells about new tendencies in production of equipment for these branches, new technologies and normative documents for objects of Fuel-Energy-Complex. “Corrosion of “Neftegaz” Territory” is a theoretical-practical edition about new researches and advanced technologies in protection of materials and surfaces.


The main readers of these periodicals are leaders and technical specialists of oil-gas industry. For this target audience the following is important:

  • Convenient acquaintance with professional information
  • Quick and precise searching of the content which helps to be well informed about the branch development.

This B2B motivation became a basis for the conception. Horizontal and vertical streaming scrolling with continuous supply (additional loading) of content allows the user to make minimum transfers on the site to receive the necessary information as quickly as possible. The color spectrum of this conception is restrained which allows the user to maximally concentrate attention on information. The comfortable and compact interface, up to date design, B2B content of high quality and opportunity to register a personal account – these are the qualities distinguishing this project among competitors and giving to professionals the optimal informational decision.


Ivan Golovin

Account manager

Pavel Shulyatikov

Digital Art Director

Anastasia Kumani

Creative Director

Aleksandr Samarkin

Leading Developer

Pavel Makharinsky

Сhief project manager