Octapharma AG is an independent Swiss company founded in 1983 by Wolfgang Margerr. The company’s main activity is elaboration, production and sale of safe and effective medical products made on the basis of human blood albumen.


Medicine “Resonativ”

AVANT specialists worked out a satellite-site for the medical product “Resonativ” produced by “Octapharma” company.

Materials for the conference

Roll-ups, brand-wall, stand and printed materials were prepared for the conference of specialists. On the draft of the building is “The old brewery” in Stockholm. Today this building is owned by “Octapharma” and the medicines based on human protein are produced here.

Booklet for children

The agency had to work out booklets for “Octapharma” charity purposes. These materials, distributed in Russia health institutions, were made for the timely prevention of children’s diseases.

Booklets about the company’s medical products

To public inspection of “Octapharma” different medicines, their characteristics and directions for application we worked out booklets which are being spread at exhibitions, in hospitals and at conferences.

Souvenir products

For “Octapharma” partners and stuff the useful souvenir products were made with taking into consideration the company’s style. The advantage of these elements is in their multiple use, and this is an additional way to draw attention to the company’s products.

Client feedback

Darya Agafyeva

After the tender it was decided unanimously in our company to conclude the Subscriber Agreement with AVANT. I will not go into details how many promo-sites, models, booklets, calendars and souvenirs were made during these years. In this case the effect of cooperation is not in figures, but in work done well and timely, and solutions for our brand’s promotion, which gave results. Due to confidence terms I will not give away the peculiarities of marketing solutions. But I can recommend the guys as active, safe and original. Thank You, colleagues!


Pavel Shulyatikov

Digital art-director

Marina Karnova


Natalia Stepanova


Tatiana Sineova


Aleksandr Makharisky

Project manager