Tax Free Market

While people are getting more free time they are more ready for entertainment and relaxation. Entertainment is the first and foremost object for investment of free means. The company offers trade-entertainment service on the ships in tax free zone.


Its main idea is variety. The company offers the most different services: casino, bar, restaurant, shops etc. That’s why it has to have a logo reflecting the main business branches.

Corporate style

All of us need positive emotions. With Tax Free Market everybody can enrich their life with new impressions. The corporate style reflects all bright impressions, which help people to distract, to recover strength and to enrich life with new colors.


For attraction of new clients our specialists worked out advertising leaflets and a booklet with the corporate style elements.


AVANT specialists offered to make a flash animation clip on Tax Free Market site. They also worked out a concept of the company’s main site for provision of services offered on the ships with tax free zones.


Pavel Shulyatikov

Digital art-director

Anastasia Kumani

Creative director

Marina Karnova


Pavel Makharinsky

General Director