Агентство коммуникаций AVANT. - Брендинг, фирменный стиль, брендбуки, презентаций, нейминг создание сайтов любой сложности,.


A training center for tourism and organization of off-premise events for employees and directors of medical centers, clinics, medical equipment suppliers.

Brand essence

The company is focused on creation of qualified personnel for tourism, provision of “ready” employees for tourist agencies and operators, raising the level of professional skills in sale of tourism products for already experienced managers and directors in this sphere.

Corporate elements

The company’s logo is made in clear geometrical style and looks like a circle of people figures. This logo is associated with unity and support . The logo looks good both on the light and dark background.


Maria Podmarkova

Client manager

Tatiana Donskih


Victor Evstifeev


Anastasia Kumani

Creative director