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"Vne zavisimosti" project


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Agency’s task

The information portal was created in 2009 as a source of useful information for people who want to give up smoking. The task set before our agency consisted not only in renewing of the portal’s image, but in changing the site’s structure and navigation, optimizing of the information implementation as well, to make the website more up to date, interesting and useful.

The project’s idea

The project is aimed to give useful and up to date information for people struggling with this harmful addiction. On the website one can find many articles answering questions which smokers set before themselves. Namely: what can help to give up smoking, why to give up smoking, where one can help you and how to find fellow-thinkers. Except full-text articles we created a section with many advices helping to give up smoking. For additional motivation to give up smoking there was offered a competition which will start during the second wave of the advertising campaign. The essence of the competition is that a person invites a smoking friend or a girl-friend to compete in giving up smoking.

Target audience

The project’s target audience are smokers from 30 years old understanding the necessity of struggle with this addiction, firmly intending to give up smoking and looking for effective methods which can help them.

The project’s results

We have worked out a portal based on "block" system, the so called “Metro” design, where much attention is paid to high quality typographics and large text. The website design is in dark blue-green color, information is supplemented by photos helping to perceive it. Our team has developed a convenient navigation system for this site. At the site one can find three big sections reflected in the main menu: “What can help to give up”, “What for to give up smoking”, “Where to get help”. In the section “What can help to give up smoking” the user can find useful information about methods helping to struggle with smoking. The section “What for to give up smoking” offers advices and articles about giving up this addiction. And in the section “Where to get help” one can find an interactive map with medical centers and pharmacies. In the drop-down list the user can easily make searching in the cities of Russia.

As a result we made an up to date and catchy project which undoubtedly will attract many visitors. We hope sincerely that this resource will help many people to give up smoking and to begin more healthy and happy life-style.

Banner advertising campaign


After the successful launching of project there was worked up an advertising campaign for the project’s advancement into Internet.  

The advertising campaign’s goals:

  • To attract maximum users to;
  • To increase traffic from the sites of advertising spaces;
  • To attract target group attention to tobacco addiction problem.

Analysis of target audience showed that it is necessary to work up several advertising messages for different segments of target group.

Advertising campaign (for women)

There is a large amount of smoking women in Russia, that is why it was decided to create an advertising campaign oriented at female target group. 

Every woman, especially after 30, wants to look young, have ideal skin and minimum wrinkles

Creative idea:
To show how good the skin of female after 30 will look if she never smoked before. The advertising message in banners has been formulated so that smoking ladies will understand how harmful cigarettes are for their skin. Slogan: Save your skin, give up cigarettes!

A beautiful female face with smooth skin appears on the banner. In 4 seconds the picture changes and we see the same face but now with wrinkles. And final headlines “Save your skin, give up smoking!”, “Learn how to give up smoking” and the button “Learn” appear.

Advertising campaign (for everyone)

Cigarette addiction deprives people of the opportunity to enjoy life for 100%.

Creative idea:
To show the world complete with all its colors – a tobacco addict is deprived of seeing it!

At first the user is watching the space full of smoke. The smoke begins to fade out, the outlines of the city landscape appears. Further one can see the headlines “Look at the world without cigarettes”, “Learn how to give up smoking” and the button “Learn”.

On the basis of scenario approved by the clients we have worked up the animated banners using Flash technology.

Advertising campaign (for football fans)

The advertising campaign was launched when FIFA World Cup 2014 took place, that’s why especially for sport fans the banners with sport themes has been worked up. 

Cigarette addiction deprives people of the possibility to enjoy life for 100 per cent.

Look at the world without cigarettes!

A space full of smoke appears first. The smoke begins to fade out and a football appears on the green grass. Further the final headlines “Look at the world without cigarettes”, “Learn how to give up smoking” and the button “Learn”.

Based on storyboarding the animated banners with the use of Flash technology have been worked up.

Work result

As a result during the first month of the advertising campaign the website received more than 25 000 unique visits, 92,51% of those came to the website in consequence of advertising campaign, and 7,49% because of direct traffic to the website.


Maria Podmarkova

Account Manager

Ivan Golovin

Content Manager

Julia Lvovskaya

Graphic Designer

Pavel Shulyatikov

Digital Art Director

Aleksandr Samarkin

Leading Developer

Anastasia Kumani

Creative Director

Pavel Makharinsky

Chief Project Manager