The residential estate Yakhushovo is situated in a wonderful picturesque place, at the forest edge, near the head of Chernogolovka river. The base of the concept for Yakhushovo community is the richest traditions of Russian wood architecture and carpentry.


The agency had a task to create the community brand oriented to people caring about family comfort and children’s health. These people prefer to live at the ecologically clean place.


Logo’s main element is capital letter “Я”. Logo’s compositive solution combines the elements of emblem and monogram. The logo can be on a large scale as well as in the simple version with only “Я”. The logo can be placed both on the light field (the logo itself will be dark-brown in this case), and on the dark field (then the logo is light).

Corporate style

In the context of branding the following corporate elements were worked out: booklet, corporate form, branded stand for real estate exhibition. In corporate style we used wood texture, reflecting traditions of Russian architecture, national handicraft art and demonstrating environmental friendliness of building materials of the houses in this residential estate.

Image video

Image video is aimed at promoting the community’s public image among potential customers or partners. It will heighten the buyers’ loyalty. The corporate commercial helped to create the image of unique community with old traditions of Russian architecture.


We worked out a booklet for the community’s visitors and for delivery at the exhibitions. The basic elements are beautiful photos on full-page, so that the reader could get the best impression of the community’s atmosphere.


Julia Lvovskaya

Graphic designer

Maria Podmarkova

Account Manager

Anastasia Kumani

Creative Director

Александр Дуговой


Pavel Makharinsky

General Director